…some honest words

When I gave birth to my son Erik I was 32 years old, now he is almost 3 years…

It was the beginning of a marvelous journey and I’m still wondering what the next day brings to us. No matter what you are expecting from motherhood it will surprise you.



I´ve been bothering with me for a long time, wheter to show my son’s face here on the blog or not. I´ve deciced not to do it, to protect his privacy. So I hope you understand, I will still show you great pictures about being a young mother.

About motherhood let me first say, before I had a baby I was never tired. That is what a child does to you ( and maybe the fact that I´m not more 25 years old ;)). But is totally and utterly worth it. The love I feel for my child and how he fills my life with such happiness is so rewarding. From the moment I wake up until Erik are in bed life is about others, it is about what I want it to be, full of love for the people around me, close and far, and that really is worth my best effort.



It is what I have learned since becaming a mother. From the day I had my child, life was no longer about me but about the little one and our family. I took time to find myself in this role and of course I had some frustrated moments where I missed my old life. With time I just relaxed and learned how to enjoy and worship every little moment with him and being part of the delightful nature that surrounds us.



That for me is when I started really living!

Lovley greetings,


2 thoughts on “Motherhood

  1. Hi Susy, so ein wunderschöner Eintrag. Es ist schön daß du so eine glückliche Familie hast und die Fotos dazu sind auch wie immer wunderbar! Ich hätte dich übrigends auf maximal 30 Jahre geschätzt 🤗
    Lg Sabrina


    1. Sabbi vielen lieben Dank😘
      🙏es freut mich total das du meine Fotos magst und noch mehr freut mich wahrscheinlich das du mich auf max. 30 geschätzt hast😉lg😘


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