Misty days

…how to find inspiration on gloomy days…

Most people don´t like November very much. It´s getting darker and colder day by day, the colourful autumn fades and all is bathed in a dull gray.


However, I can hardly wait every year until November is finally here, actually I guess, it is my favorite month of all. Why? Because of the fog….the dense fog that envelops the land for hours in a mysterious veil.

Since my early childhood I have a weakness for mist. Probably this is due to a marvelous novel that I read as a child “The Mists of Avalon” from Marion Zimmer Bradley. Since then this book never let me go, even years later.

The book is about a mysterious world, called “Avalon”, which is behind a wall of mist. Only someone who masters magic can divide the mist and thus advance into the otherworld.

The thought that behind the fog is a mystical other world still inspires me…..I´m longing really for that. The veil of fog creates a very special atmosphere, almost as if I were cut off from the outside. All I see is grey, and sometimes disappears my own hand before my eyes.


I think we need more secrets and mysteries in our lifes, to make our everyday life more exciting. We constantly try to research and know everything in modern society. Sometimes believing in supernatural can be very refreshing and awaken the childlike in us.

And that´s exactly what I feel when I step into the fog on early mornings.

….spellbound, translated into the wonderfullest novel ever, like a child……


So just go out and feel like a kid, appreciate the gloomy days in November and let inspire you form “The Mists of Avalon”. My book recommendation for you, from the bottom of my heart.

Lots of love,


2 thoughts on “Misty days

  1. Ich mag den Nebel auch sehr, obwohl es mich oft recht gruselt weil man ja nie weiß was dahinter ist 😃
    Das Buch hatte ich in meiner Jugend auch, ich hab es auch sehr toll gefunden ich war schon immer ein Fan von der Tafelrunde und Fantasy Sachen. Und deine Fotos sind wieder mal superschön geworden! Lg Sabrina


    1. Mich hat das Buch auch total gefesselt. Es ist die wohl schönste Geschichte über Camelot und die Ritter der Tafelrunde. Ich denke auch wir alle können mehr Fantasy in unserem Leben vertragen 😉Danke Sabbi für dein liebes Feddback😘


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