Living in the woods

…and what it´s really like…

Me and my little family happily enjoyed our woodland home together for nearly 5 years. Actually the “Sauwald” Area is the home of my other half, he´s grown up here. When we met and fell in love, he porposed to share this magical place with him. At first it was not easy for me to say yes, it meant giving up my old life and letting go is never easy. But I always liked the seclusion. I have traveled to the most remote places in the world before and enjoyed the loneliness there. So I decided to do this important step in my life, because of love and to have a sanctuary from the busy civilisation. Secretly I was longing for that, even if I didn´t know that then. With time it became my home as well and I felt in love with the woodlands….so the story began….


I´m pretty sure that my love for this places shines through, it is, after all of my blog and my social media platforms revolve around and the “back drop” of a lot of photos. This place inspires us daily as a family and is the driving forced behind my work.


One of the most frequent questions I am asked when people find out where I live, is if we are ever frightened living in the woods “SO FAR AWAY FROM LIFE”. The answer is absolutley not. I always have to laugh about it, because I think people are watching too much horror movies. I do never fear at any time, I also don´t allow this feeling. So I guess, if you think to much negative, you put these things on. I don´t want to let fear control my life, at all. For me the forest has nothing scary in itself, neither at day nor at night. Much more it is a source of inspiration and a haven of peace.



Yes, we live in the middle of the woods but we have some neighbours here as well. And we have a great relationship to them. I think it is quite rare in our age and I enjoy that very much. There is a little mill below us, directley on the creek, where we get our bread and flour ( in the future I will dedicate an extra blog post to the mill) . Everyone helps each other and that was an amazing experience to me….cohesion. Even it´s only a handful of is our neighbourhood.

A few impressions from our wee village….


There is always something to do here, wheter for pleasure or necessity.  But living here means daily inspiration…the birdsongs in the morning, the smell of the clear air, the beautiful colors of the seasons and of course the noise of the creek without that none of us can sleep at night. It´s like a sweet lullaby.



Of course, I live far away from the busy society in the city, where one stresses the other. It means not that we here in the woodlands are totally stressfree. If you live very isolated with only a few people or husband than it can happen that your rubbing against each other and you have to deal with your opponent very intensively… which is not always easy….believe me.


Some people loathe the idea of daily routine, I for one enjoy the weekly routine we have here. Having a routine absolutley doesn´t mean being completley rigid or old fashioned. It allows each of us to get what we want and need for the week. The routine creates a comfortable life for us and is just one of the ways, we like to simplify our lifes here.


Oh wow, that´s been a very long blogpost, but I hope you enjoyed it. For me personally it is now time to go a bit out in the woods to clean my mind.

As John Muir said “…and into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul….”

With love,


7 thoughts on “Living in the woods

  1. I enjoyed reading this post very much. So inspiring! And what a beautiful place you live in 🙂 I’d love to have a little cottage by the lake and near the forest. Maybe not now, but one day for sure. It probably has its pros and cons, like everything really. But it’s definietely easier to live more peaceful, mindful and along with the seasons this way.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading my post. Sounds like a scottish dream, a cottage by the Loch. I guess I would love this as well!!! I´m pretty sure that your dream comes true in the future, cause you belong to such a magical place lovely soulmate.


  2. Such a beautiful lifestyle!

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    1. Thank you so much…

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  3. Es ist so wahnsinning schön bei euch, für ein Kind ist es sicher das beste in so einer Umgebung aufzuwachsen und auch als Erwachsene lebt man bestimmt viel bewusster und ich glaub dass es auch für eine Beziehung gut ist wenn man den ganzen schnellebigen Alltagsstress nicht hat. Ich bin selber recht abgelegen aufgewachsen und als ich ein Teenager wurde hat mich das sehr gestört, daß meine Freunde so weit weg waren. Also bin ich sehr jung in die Stadt gezogen und habe bei dem ganzen Konsumzwang und Tumult mitgemacht. Ich hab mein ganzes Geld für Kleidung, Schuhe und Handtaschen ausgegeben und bin mit der Mode gegangen um mich wohler zu fühlen. Aber umso älter ich werde umso mehr wünsche ich mir wieder ein Leben am Land, familiär gesehen geht das noch nicht, aber ich bin vor einigen Jahren davon weg gekommen so viele unnützen Sachen zu kaufen, lieber weniger und dafür eine gute Qualität. Ich habe auch meinen Lebensstil ganz umgekrempelt und bin auch gern irgendwo alleine und genieße die Natur, das hab ich mir früher gar nicht vorstellen können. Auf jeden Fall finde ich es sehr schön wie du mit deiner Familie leben kannst und es was ganz Besonderes. Lg Sabrina


    1. Hey👋, ja ich kenne das. Ich habe selbst mal in meinen Zwanzigern für einige Jahre in Linz gelebt. Ich habe die Zeit sehr genossen aber irgendwann hab ich GEMERKT das ich für diese Art von Leben nicht geschaffen bin. Ich bin dann ganz alleine in eine kleine Hütte am Waldrand gezogen für einige Jahre um mich vom Troubel der Stadt zu erholen. Das alles war bevor ich hier im Sauwald mein zuhause gefunden habe. Ich kann dir also sagen…. It takes time😉…. Aber du wirst sicher deinen Weg finden und er wird dich auch bestimmt zur Natur zurückführen😘lg


      1. Du hast recht 😘 momentan fehlt mir vielleicht auch noch der Mut so wie du was zu verändern aber man muss wahrscheinlich nur Geduld haben 🤗

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