About photography

…and how I found out that I´m a creative one…


At first, I´m technically not the best Photographer of all. For me personally photography means to express myself and to show how I things see. The viewer of my pictures should get the feeling to see the world through my eyes. That was my intention from the beginning on.

My journey started at the point I gave birth to my little son. Before I became a mother a was a very sporty human. I rode a lot by horses but also enjoyed kayaking, with a baby that was suddenly no longer possible. I was looking for a hobby or occupation that I can do with a little baby. I spontaneously feel in love with photography, because I was able to shoot beautiful photos of my son. At that time I had no idea that I´m a creative one.

In the beginning I bought an old and super cheap, used camera from Nikon. I thought I just give it a try. To my surprise, it turned out that I was talented. I can still remember the moment when I showed some of my pictures to the people and I was totally surprised to see they liked it. I had not expect that.

I think it was a collegue, who advised me to publish my pictures publicly. The best medium for that seemed to me instagram….so I bought a slightly better camera an and started a real adventure. I got after a short time a lot of requests to sell my pictures.

Today it´s been a few days ago that I´m started ofiically selling some of my pictures on Adobe Stock and I´m really proud of that. You know I never made a course or something like that. All that I know about photography I acquired myself within three years. There were many sleepless nights of learning and exercising.

I still don´t have the best camera of all. But that does not matter showed me that experience. More then that it is important to transport feelings.

Slowly, I also try to develop myself more in an artistic way of photography. For emample, inspired by the expulsion of my grandparents from Egerland (Bohemia) in times of the second WorldWar, I created a photo for the Egerländer community that reflects my feelings about displacement.


I never thought that I´m creative, because I´ve never tried it to be before. Now it feels like a valve that has opened and everything can get out. It also helps me feeling balanced. I hadn´t that kind of feeling before, there was always something that I missed….

I also published a portfolio on this website to offer my work as a photographer. If you´re interested please contact me.

Lovley greetings and stay inspired,


4 thoughts on “About photography

  1. “For me personally photography means to express myself and to show how I things see. The viewer of my pictures should get the feeling to see the world through my eyes.” – you know, those words alone are the excellent proof that you’re a real photographer, because that’s what photography is about! Not the technical aspect at all. My adventure began in Edinburgh 2 years ago, this city inspired me and I just wanted to capture its beauty better. I bought a camera (not new nor a profesionall one), and learned everything by myself. Last year I started taking photos with people/models and now I’m thinking of doing it profesionally one day. All I want to say by this is: photography is a fantastic adventure and you never know, where it will take you next! 🙂

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  2. Ich hätte auch so gern Talent bei Fotos, aber man braucht einfach das richtige Gespür und du hast das ja eindeutig und gut daß du das rausgefunden hast 🙂 Es freut mich daß du mit deinem anfangs Hobby jetzt sogar was verdienen kannst, besser kann es gar nicht sein. Mir fallen auf deinen Fotos auch immer so viele Details auf die mir sehr gefallen. Hast du deine Kamera denn immer mit, auch wenn du keine Fotos geplant hast für alle Fälle ? Die Fotos von dir in dem Feld sind auch hammer, deine Haare leuchten da ganz außergewöhnlich schön und die Posen sind super. Lg Sabrina

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    1. Hey du , erstmal danke für deinen lieben support! Es ist schön das dir all die Detail in meinen Fotos aufallen, das bedeutet ja auch das du ein gutes Auge für solche Dinge hast. Ich mag die reed Fotos auch sehr gerne…”deadgrass” ist meine absolute Lieblingsfarbe und ein toller Kontrast zu kupferfarbenem Haar. LG aus dem Sauwald


      1. Das mit dem Kajaking finde ich auch voll interessant. Mein Onkel hat das früher gemacht aber was der erzählt hat ist das ganz schön gefährlich mit Wildwasser und so oder wenn man umkippt muss man schnell reagieren. Das ist klar dass das dann mit einem Baby nicht mehr geht weil man sich da auch sicher viel Zeit nehmen muss. Aber ein sehr interessanter Sport, wenn dir das so Spaß gemacht hat hoffe ich daß du das später wieder mal machen kannst 😀

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