Feel you Inner child

…or how to escape successfully from everday life…


it is way to long since I´ve written my last blogpost. Everyday life captured me completley. There´s the photography, which developes in a very good and more professional way. But at the same time it is very time consuming to advance my skills in editing. And by the way, I also have a half day job, a child and a house to take care of…not to mention my boyfriend who should not go unmentioned here 😉


With all the demands of everday life, it is not easy to keep my creativity and let it flow. It really is challenging, but I guess I found a way to get more balanced.  I guess you know that? If have more tips for me feel free and let me know. I totally appreciate that!!!

Some say I´m a very childish and naive person, but exactley that is what keeps me going on in stressful times. Let me tell you the story….

Last week I was on my way to work. It was warm, sunny and damned, it was weekend 😦 I did not feel like it all.


On my workway is a little river with an old, abandoned railway bridge. I decided to make a stop an sitting by the water for while. As I reached the place, I noticed that there was a swing below the bridge right on the river. I had no idea who did it, but that did no matter. Right away I`ve got on it and I´m just going wild…you know like in the happy days of my childhood. In fact, I immediatley forgot to get into the work and that I have so much other things to do when I get home. I just forgot everything and that felt uncredibly good at this moment.


Of course it is true that I came just in time to work, but no matter…the feeling of carefree lightness was always worth it. And so, I really can recommend you… just go out and swing 😉 what a wisdom of life …haha…with a wink.



2 thoughts on “Feel you Inner child

  1. Oh so ein inspirierender Blogeintrag mit wahnsinnig tollen Fotos !Man sieht dir die freude und Freiheit auf den Bildern an und auch wenn deine Fotos immer mehr Zeit und Arbeit brauchen denke ich daß es dir große Freude macht. Man muß auch mal den Alltag vergessen und einfach machen was Spaß macht, das hast du echt gut gezeigt in dem Post 😍 lg Sabrina

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    1. Danke liebe Sabbi


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