The whole world in Black and White

Currently it felt that I´m on a changepoint in my photographic career. The last few years I was busy to improve my photography skills and finding out which colors I prefer and which kind of editing fits to me…not to mention that I had to deal with my lightroom program.

I have taught all myself, never visited a course or something like that. It started with a book about the essentials of photography. I bought an old camera and just started with only one single lens. With time there came more lenses, a better Cam and of course lighroom. I don´t edit in photoshop, it is not very intuitive, that´s why I don´t like it. But I can say you, it is not easy as a computer stranger to get used to lightroom….many sleepless nights lay behind me and much to learn.

Now I felt very comfortably with all the photographic stuff and it seems I have to go back to the early beginning of my journey. Many of you know that I´m a big fan of the faboulus photographer “Ansel Adams”.

He is the reason why I started with that, I always was so inspired by his B/W landscapes of Americas National Parks. My absolutely fav is “The snake river and the grand tetons”. It hangs in my bedroom. It takes now exactley 3 years now to get to the point to say what I want finally do….I will do what he did. More Black and White photography. Of course I will do colored photography as well, but with my focus on B/W. She is the queen of photography. You have to be pretty good in what you do, to get good pictures without color. I´d like to invite you to get the first glimpses here…

But please have indulgence with me, because I´m not a pro and just at the beginning. But I really want that, from the bottom of my heart and I feel that I belong to that.

Love and enjoy,


2 thoughts on “The whole world in Black and White

  1. Hi Susy, ich bin ja eigentlich eher für Farbefotos vor allem in der Natur weil sie so schöne Farben bietet aber die schwarzweiß Fotos von dir sind der Hammer geworden und du siehst aus wie auf einer Werbung in einer Zeitschrift ! Die hätten in Farbe gar nicht so gewirkt und vor allem hat man bei dem Farbfotos nie deine wunderschönen Sommersprossen gesehen, das sieht so gut aus!
    Ich glaube daß das viel Arbeit war und ist das so hinzubekommen aber die Mühe ist es wert 😍

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    1. Oh dankeschön 🙏 😘 Ich freu mich das sie dir gefallen. Nicht alle Fotos wirken in Schwarz/Weiss aber bei Portraits find ich es super. Ich werde natürlich auch weiterhin in Farbe fotografieren aber trotzdem mehr in Richtung Schwarz/Weiss Landschaften gehen. Mal sehen wo das hinführt 😊schön das du Teil meiner Reise bist… Lg


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