Drone photography

A while ago I stood before the question buying a new and better camera or should I invest in a drone. Rationally I might have opted for the camera, but who thinks rationally šŸ˜‰ for my part, at least not really most.

I listened to my heart and actually bought a mavic air. I have to say I never regret it till now. Already the first time I flew with it, I totally fell in love with the prospects.

Loch Morar, Scotland

At the beginning it was quite difficult to learn flying with the drone, I guess it lasts more than 4 months to be a good pilot. I was very concerned with gesture control to make selfies without having a joypad in my hand. Really challenging….I can tell you. There were many fearful situation, especially by flying over water. As many of you know, a drone is not very cheap, so I struggled always a bit to lost it.

Kƶsslbach, Upper Austria

Looking back, I can say that was one of the best decisions ever, because today IĀ“m well known for my drone photography and theres a lot of passsion for this kind of art. So many creative ways to express myself from atotally different view.

Rannasee, Bayern

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Lovely greetings,


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