Tips for your perfect autumnal shot

Every year I celebrate the beginning of of autumn. Not only because my birthday is in this season, but because of beautiful warm tones that fall brings with it. Nothing compares to the colorful foliage of October and the dense foggy walls of November.

It´s definitley the season of photography. I´ve collected a few tips for your personally perfect autumnal shot.


At first…start with what you have. Digital Camera, handy or DSLR, anyway. A famous photographer once said: “The best camera is always the one you have.”

Pay attention to the light conditions and take your photo in the early morning or late evening hours. The low stand of the sun flatters everthing. Especially the “golden hour” ( means the last hour before the sun goes down) is particulary suitable. Avoid the noon time for taking pictures, because of the hard light.

golden hour

Looking for unusual perspectives. Even the most boring picture can be spiced up by an unusual approach. Let your creativity flow and try out diffrent perspectives.

unusual perspective


If you edit your pictures, no matter which program you use for that, there are some things to keep in mind.

Misty landscapes for example can be really cool edited just with the black´n white sliders. That`s a good way to bring the fog out. I promise, you will be surprised by the results.

black´n white sliders

Me personally, I love my woodland photography with an touch of magic. That can be archieved by shutting down the clarity slider. Additionaly and especially in the fall time I add a bit warmth in my picture. That makes a cosy and comfortably feeling by viewing it.

clarity down and added a bit warmth

I really hope this was helpfully. I´d love to see the results…feel free to contact me via DM on my Instagram account and show me your personal autumnal shot.



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