Inspiration for your Winter shots

Nothing is more enchanting than the snowy landscapes in Winter. But very hard to capture at the same time, because of the strong contrast that brings snow with it and the various light reflections. Here are a few inspirational tips for your own winter photography.

The color red pops on snow

I often use red dresses or red things on my winter photos. White and red work perfectley together and complementing themselves fantastically. It is a special bang to see a red dress (for example on portraits)on a white winter landscape.

Work with overlays to push your creativity to the next level

Winter means also the most creative seasons of all for me. It literally floats through my venes and pushes me on. A few days ago I´ve tried to photograph through frozen glass. It was a genius idea but really not easy to implement. So I´ve decided to use a photoshop overlay. It was pretty simple to use, just look for a frozen glass picture in http://adobestock or wherever you find inspiration. Just put it over the picture and multiply that negative. There is absolutley nothing wrong with getting help from photoshop sometimes.

The blue magic of frosty morning captures

Honestly, in wintertime I only shot in the early morning hours. Why?…. because frost and snow are having a blueish touch at this time of the day and that creates a otherwordly and nordic mood. Landscapes directly out from a fairytale. Maybe you have luck and the sun comes out, than everthing is colored in a rosy tone….just magical.

Thanks for reading lovelies. Whish you a enchanting christmas time and good luck with your own pictures. Feel free and send me some, I´d love to give feedback.



3 thoughts on “Inspiration for your Winter shots

  1. Love these shots! The red dress looks amazing in contrast with the all white and frosty background! Awesome work

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    1. Heartfelt thanks for kind words 🙏 and red really pops on snow 🌨

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    2. Heartfelt thanks


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