Double exposure

I am someone who likes to play with creativity. Often the possibilities that my camera offers are too less for me and I use additionally my photoshop program. I want to show you how to create the famous “Double Exposure” effect.

At first you have to choose 2 pictures that you would like to combine. I advise you to hold it Black and White for the beginning is that much easier to handle. It also looks very fancy. In my case these two pictures from portfolio:

The background picture
The overlay

If you have chosen them load up the background picture in your photshop program. It works with all programms not only with Adobe. As the next step you have to place the second image over it and adjust the edges exactly.

Then multiply the negative. You can adapt light condition with the black and white regulators or additionally adapting the levels from 100% to fewer. I use very often 75% strength of the levels.

The finished picture could look like this:

The result

There are no limits to creativity, I hope you enjoy trying it out.



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