All the hope that brings the first exhibition

I absolutuley remember the feeling as heard for the first time that my pictures should be part of an art exhibtion. It was something overwhelming and appreciative….

The topic of the exhibition was “home” and the preparations were time consuming and tedious. I have a lot to say about “home” because I was born and raised at the Bavarian side of the Danube valley and now Im living already more the half of my lifetime on the Austrian side of the valley. On both sides I have family and on both sides I feel home. The question of where my home is, was the thing that i have to get to the bottom for the exhibition. Not easy, I can tell you and of course a really disturbing question.

In order to be able to feel myself in, I drove to one of my favorite places ever, where you can have a wonderful view above the Danube valley.

While sitting there, I suddenly felt crystal clear where I feel home. It was exactly that border where I see my home. The border of two countries, parted from a majestic river that floats since Primeval times. I never saw it that way, I always thought home would be a place where you come from or where you are currently living. But home can be so much more than that and in some cases it can be a border.

Symbolically, the fog in the valley was so thick that you could´nt recognize the natural boundary of the Danube, it literally disappeared, like it does in my own life.

My favorite place

Unfortunatley the Covid-19 spread all over the world and changes everything. In these challenging times it was safer to protect people and cancel the exhibition. That`s the reason why I wanted to show them here online, on a virussafe platform …. the four pictures tell a story about the searching and the finding of my …my personal story……

Vom Suchen und Finden der Heimat

I will inform all of you, if there will be a replacement date for the exhibition. But at the moment in that dramatic situation there isn´t. Stay safe and healthy my dear friends…..



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