Adding magic with the “Orton Effect”

I´m often asked how I can create those magical pictures. Adding a bit magic became a personal sign of my photography over the years. In that blog post I want to talk about the famous “Orton Effect”.

First of all is the most important thing to create a magical photo a flattering lens. I prefer for that case a 50mm f 1,4. It makes a mesmerizing bokeh which captivates the viewer.

Additonally I often use the “Orton Effct”. It is a well known way of editing your pictures in photoshop. Let`s start with the the raw file of the photo and submitt it to photoshop.

without Orton Effect

Next step will be to make a 100% image calculation. When it´s done, apply the “Gaussian soft focus”. You have to try out what degree of hardness you want to set, but you can also increase or decrease the opacity of the layers.

Now it should work fine. If your picture turned out way to dark, you could make another image calculation with a turn around and then it would be more brighter.

with Orton Effect

There are many tutorials on You Tube. That´s where I learned it and of course by practising many times.

Sending much love,


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