Previous Projects

” Longtime Expose Fine Art Photography, Upper Austria/ 2021

“The witche´s wood” Fine Art Photography, Upper Austria / 2021

“The mistress of the lake” Fine Art Photography, Upper Austria / 2021

” A winter´s tale “, Upper Austria / 2021

Fine Art Close up 2020, Upper Austria/ Kößlbach

Autumnal clientshoot 2020, Upper Austria/ Kößlbach

Witchy Halloween shoot 2020, Upper Austria/ Kößlbach

The woodnymphs, pre-raphaelite mother/daughter shoot

The Mists of Avalon, visual storytelling with @goethes.sis

The Sheepshearer Tales, Low Key Artwork

Artwork for the Egerländer Community, “The Displacement”

Couple Shoot, Spring 2019 Kößlbach

Portrait shoot with @goethes.sis / Kößlbach, Upper Austria

Product photography for Alfred Friedrich Minerals / Frauenau, Lower Bavaria

Baby bump shooting / Kößlbach, UpperAustria

Horses / Kösslarn, Upper Austria

Witchy Halloween / Kösslbachtal, Upper Austria

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