……..A glimpse to the other world……..


In order to get in mood for Halloween this year, I decided to photograph an old, abandoned graveyard closely where I´m living and to write about Samhain and it´s meaning.

I know it sounds weird to visit an ruined cemetry and take pictures there…however this cemetery has something very special about it. It´s located in opposite of the castle “Rannariedel “(com. Neustift i. M. ) and it has not been changed for over 250 year. That means that it is in a ruinous state, but very atmospherically and all open to the public. Actually it feels like a time travel being there. A peaceful place, where toughts just floating and not scary at all.

I managed to shoot some atmospheric photos there, how you can see on the following pictures.


In our area , Halloween is considered an American thing that slowly spills over to us, a bit of a forgein tradition. But the truth is, Haloween or “Samhain” is older than the colonization of the American continent. The people of celtic times ( our ancestors) believed that this was the only night in the whole year they could communicate with their deceased relatives…..the night in which the door to the Otherworld is open. We sometimes forget that this feast of Samhain was brought from European settlers to America and that it is older than we can imagine. Personally, I guess the tought is beautifully that there is one night in which it´s possible to be heard by beloved and dead relatives. That´s the reason why I´m celebrating Samhain, not because of the costums or sweets.


I hope I could stimulate or change your opinion on this old, pagan feast. Don´t forget actually it has nothing to do with the American Halloween.

Have a mystically Samhain night…..







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